Our junior-Olympic size pool and children’s mushroom water feature provides a relaxing environment for our homeowners and the children. Organized swim activities are available for our homeowners. The neighborhood boasts an approximately 100-member swim team. Our facility frequently hosts swim meets for neighboring community tournaments. Children can play at the playground located near the clubhouse on the swings or the slides.
The pool hours for 2022 are:
May (Mon. – Sun.) 23-29
9am – 9pm
Lifeguard on duty 1pm-9pm (5/23-5/29)
May 30 – June 30 (Mon. – Fri)
11:30am – 9pm
Lifeguard on duty 1pm-9pm (5/30-6/30)
June 30 – Aug 3rd
Pool Open Daily 9am -9pm
Lifeguard on duty 1pm-9pm (daily 6/30-8/3)
July 4th weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) 2-4
9am – 9pm
Lifeguard on duty 11am-9pm (7/2-7/4)
End of Summer
August 4-5 (Thurs-Fri)
Lifeguard on duty 4:15pm-8pm (8/4-8/5)
August 6-7 (Sat and Sun)
Lifeguard on duty 1pm-9pm (8/6-8/7)
August 8th- September 23rd
Open daily 9am-6pm
NO Lifeguard will be on duty during the weekdays. Lifeguards will only be on duty for the weekends in August and September
Extended hours in August and September
August Weekends (Fri.-Sun) 12-14, 20-21, 27-28
Lifeguard on duty 4:15pm-8pm (8/12)
Lifeguard on duty 1pm-9pm (8/13-8/14, 8/20-8/21, 8/27-8/28)
Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon) 2-5
9am – 9pm
Lifeguard on duty 4:15pm-8pm (9/2)
Lifeguard on duty 1pm-9pm (9/3-9/5)
September Weekends (Sat-Sun) 10-11, 17-18
Lifeguard on duty 2pm-9pm (9/10-9/11)
Lifeguard on duty 3pm-9pm (9/17-9/18)
Fall Break
Sat 9/24 – Sun 10/2
Lifeguard on duty 3pm-8pm (9/24-9/25 and 10/1-10/2)
Lifeguard on duty 4pm-8pm (9/26-9/30)
Pool Closed for the Year October 3rd, 2022
Please email the board if you would like early morning swim hours or access for you and your little one or homeschooler.
Aberdeen HOA
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